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        ABOUT US

        Shenyang Chuangxin Alloy CO., LTD. is located in the northeast old industrial base -- Shenyang, the enterprise formerly known as "Shenyang Chuangxin Vacuum Machinery Plant", was founded in 1986, is engaged in the nonferrous alloy casting and mechanical processing industry. In 05, the company invested more than 3500 yuan in the Yuhong District Hardware Industrial Park in Shenyang in the year of 40 yuan, and built 18000 square meters of standard workshop, 50 million fixed assets and about 60000000 yuan annual output. It was put into operation in June 07. The existing staff of 208 people, including more than 40 senior technical staff, at the same time with the Shenyang military enterprises, Shenyang, Shenyang Shenyang Liming Company Ltd. and Shenyang a number of large enterprises outstanding talents accumulation and common development of our company.
        The company has advanced equipment, strong technical force and complete testing equipment. Now has a large metal mold low-pressure casting equipment, applied to the GIS shell, conductor and other products, the largest production products - Shenyang TBEA transformer conductor 520KG. The daily production capacity of the GIS shell can reach more than 100 pieces.
        Have a full set of first-class facilities of casting production line, metal mould die casting machine, large turning equipment, large heat treatment furnace, a full set of testing equipment, large mold machining production CNC machining center, CNC machining center and lathe, boring machine and other processing equipment for the production of resin sand.
        The company has excellent professional designers and excellent metal mold manufacturing team. From design to production to trial production, the GIS shell of 200KG can be completed in a month. More than a dozen new products have been developed in the month, breaking the traditional cycle of casting mould from design to 60 days.
        The company 2005 is certified by the ISO9001:2000 quality management system. In 2003 by the legendary casing Limited company awarded the "excellent supplier" title, the Organizing Committee of the economic optimization promotion brand and economic demonstration unit activities in Liaoning area in 2005 awarded the "economic integrity unit" in Liaoning, in 2006 by the Shenyang justice inspection group "quality inspection certificate", in 2007 by the Liaoning Institute for social and Economic Research Department of enterprise credit investigation of regional economy Liaoning Enterprise Credit Investigation Center awarded the "Liaoning market AAA credit enterprise" title.