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        Shenyang power supply company power "coal to electricity" project

        Release time:2017-12-19 15:18:33 page view:2945
        As we all know, air conditioners, electric boilers, refrigerators and so on are all high power electrical appliances, which consume large amounts of power and spend a lot of money on the users. So how do we use electric boilers to make the boiler save money? A reasonable choice of power boiler power boiler selection must be in accordance with the heating room of electric boiler heat load calculation. The heat load of different house structure, room height, light area and room position is different. We suggest that the electric boiler energy-saving building can take 13-15m2/KW; common building electric boiler can take 10-11m2/KW; villas, bungalows electric boiler can take 8-9m2/KW; seal is not good, the condition room height more than 2.7 meters or often have access to housing should be appropriate to reduce the heating area per kilowatt electric furnace. Many users believe that the power of electric boiler boiler is heating costs will be lower, but on the contrary, a design of electric boiler and power is not to increase the operating cost of the heating period, but saves the operation cost of electric boiler heating period. Often power electric boiler users reach room heat load requirements, not only caused by the electric furnace or electric boiler without stopping the little downtime, and reach the ideal heating temperature. Two, reasonable adjustment of electric boiler supply and return water temperature difference electric boiler heating system the current can be divided into three main forms, the temperature difference between supply and return water are as follows: in the low temperature radiator heating system, the difference is 20 to 25 DEG C for the return water temperature electric boiler is ideal; in the low temperature hot water floor radiant heating system in electric boiler, ideal for temperature difference is 5 to 10 DEG C; the fan coil heating system, the difference is 4 to 5 DEG C for the return water temperature electric boiler is ideal. Proper regulation of the electric boiler supply and return water temperature, can increase the heat transfer coefficient, the electric boiler efficiency is high, can greatly reduce the operation cost of the whole electric boiler heating period. Three, the principle of rational setting the upper limit of the electric boiler is the intermittent operation, that is, when the water supply temperature is less than the upper limit temperature, the electric boiler is in the heating state, and when the water temperature reaches the upper limit temperature, the electric boiler is at a shutdown state. In the heating period, the coldest days, caloric value of electric boiler provides just meet or less room needs of heat load, maximum temperature setting value of the electric boiler is too high, will cause the electric boiler actual water temperature is difficult to reach the upper limit temperature, so the electric boiler will be in 24 hours of heated state. Four, a reasonable set of electric boiler control to set up 4 working night time temperature of the electric boiler, sleep at night, we do not need very high heating temperature can be lowered, the appropriate electric boiler heating temperature, which can save the operation cost of electric boiler heating period. Five, the use of thermostatic radiator valve by adjusting the radiator thermostatic valves can freely adjust the temperature of the room, we can put down the Deputy bedroom, storage room and not frequented radiator thermostatic valves room temperature, it can also save the operation cost of electric boiler heating period. If you are still worried about the heating fee for your home electric boiler, look at the above 5 points and let you lightly save a considerable heating fee.